Success – Can Be a Long Haul Flight!!!

I read the following blog today and I was totally stunned by the thought of such a David & Goliath fight.

Black Author Wins Copyright Case For Matrix Movie re-blogged on

All dreams start with an idea, that you then have to make happen.  To get to a place where, you have not only written something successfully, but you see it achieve massive success with numerous accolades and you are not recognised at all is quiet something. You then find yourself having to fight for justice in order to get the recognition you deserve against a Goliath of an industry. 6 years is a massive fight. That is a huge part of your life emotionally, physically and mentally.  To be strong and dogged in your focus, in that you never give up believing right or truth must prevail at some point, says a lot for such persons character.

I then thought that some challenges once started are always going to be for the Long Haul.  It seems to be the nature of the beast.  Legal fights seem to have the same patterns repeated within them, drag the time, make it cost time and money, delay with obscure legalities that take time to resolve. Delay, delay, delay!  These tactics tend to deter the majority of people in their cases.  Such fights end up costing major sacrifices from the individual involved.  Which means people with limited means, give in.

The other thing I noticed, is that for the most part, in these types of fight the majority of people tend to be naïve with limited knowledge of the Legal fight they are entering in, but by the end (if they stick it out) they end up becoming experts themselves due to the process they have had to endure and journey through.

I remember TD Jakes saying that if God was to show us the whole of our dreams, and what our dreams would lead to, most of us would be so overwhelmed and so frightened we wouldn’t even begin.  In the story of Joseph, the focus  was his dreams but the journey involved, the process he would need to go through before reaching the end point, with all of his family bowing down before him was an unknown path.  He was given no answers or clue. What he needed to achieve, his dream, he was naturally gifted with, including his character.  However, all that was to take place from the point of receiving the dream to the actual realisation of it, was a blank canvas, as far as Joseph was concerned. And it was far from being an easy path.

So success is so easily desired and dreamed for, but it has its price.  We usually think about achieving our dreams but we rarely consider what it takes to sustain them? What will you have to do in order to maintain or keep what you worked so hard for, going?

Now, I know this type of success is for the top 1 or 2% of people.  But, even scaling it down to where you feel is an expected level of success for you, it still takes work to achieve and sustain that.

Going into business for one, takes responsibility.  We have all read and heard stories of the rich & famous who left responsibilities that were their’s in the hand of others, only to become victims.  Dreams have to be protected until you reach a place where they can be handed over  in the way you choose to.

So what is my point?  Well I would say, not only to think through your dreams, but also think about how you are going to sustain and keep them.  By all means, have BIG dreams but be willing to fight for your them, if push comes to shove.  There are many who will seek to burst your bubble,  throw stumbling blocks in your way and share every good reason why you should play safe with what they think they know about you.  But you are the only one that knows the true worth and cost of your dream because you were the one that paid the price, so don’t let your dreams go easily.

Likewise, there are those who know a good thing when they see it and they will do they’re best legally or illegally to make it theirs.  So be wise as well as persistent in your dreams.

Make it happen! pursue your dreams! Make that change!

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I am a mother, a grandmother and Christian, all an essential part of who I am. I happened upon Blogging and found out how to mesh something I have done through out my life which was encouraging those who were friends and family and my love of writing. In doing my usual personal development I came in to the world of coaching and totally fell in love with it and I am currently studying to become a Personal Performance/Life Coach with The Coaching Academy. I absolutely love writing and thought this would be good way to combine these three passions in one place. I hope you find my blog does what it says on the tin, which is to encourage readers with positive and motivational posts:-) Update: 23/3/14: I finally decided to put a face to my blog:-)

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