‘A Moth To The Flame!’ – Being Tenacious

I feel I have fallen unexpectedly into writing my first series in my blog.   Flowing on from my blog about The Wisdom Of Naomi, and that is –  the things I admire in a person’s character that attract my interest, like ‘A Moth to The Flame!’ Now, by the time I am finish my list, I think I may end up with the most amazing qualities that I really do not expect to see in one person, but I feel it is possible to find a number of them in a person and you may find that these qualities are in your friend, your wife, your husband or yourself.

What came to  my mind this morning was to consider Jacob and how he wrestled with the angel,  Genesis 32:22-31.

What fascinates me about this story was Jacobs fight and his tenaciousness. Tenacity or to be tenacious is explained as:-

1. Holding or tending to hold persistently to something, such as a point of view.

2. Holding together firmly; cohesive: a tenacious material.
3. Clinging to another object or surface; adhesive: tenacious lint.
4. Tending to retain; retentive: a tenacious memory.
I love this artistic interpretation by Alexander Louis Leloir 1865.

My first question was ‘what prompted him to send his family and possessions ahead of him?’ Secondly, ‘Why did he choose to be alone at that point in time?’  I think there are times in your life when defining moments can occur and the decision-making is for you and you alone with God to make.

You can be tenacious in your attitude to life, both for yourself and for others. Jacob was ready to fight by holding on to the angel for as long as it was going to take in order for him to get what he wanted – his blessing.  He knew that as much as he could see it was a man before him the fight he was having was no human fight. At no point was he going to release the grip he had, whether it was with both hands or just one.  He may even of involved his feet, because if you have ever watched professional wrestling a hold can involve the locking of your feet and thighs around someone.

Wresting requires mental strength, physical strength and a sharp mind because you are focused and weighing up/assessing your opponents weaknesses and strengths all the time in order for you to make your next move.

The bible says ‘When the man saw that he could not overpower him, he touched the socket of Jacob’s hip so that his hip was wrenched as he wrestled with the man.’ Genesis 32:25.  This fight cost Jacob physical pain and a life time penalty of a limp. He was fighting for a big blessing and it did not come without cost. His reward was not just a blessing to fulfil his destiny, but also his name was changed.   He was changed.  He was no longer the same man who took up the mantle at the beginning of the fight, the whole process transformed his life.

We often use the example of Gold/Silver when its being refined and what it has to go through for it to become quality gold or pure gold. Gold with as much of its imperfections removed as possible. It means going through testing. It goes throw a fire process where a craftsman melts the gold into a crucible and using his expertise skims off the impurities or dross that rises to the surface of the molten liquid.  It is an intense job, done in intense heat and takes time.  www.gold-traders.co.uk/gold-information/how-to-refine-gold.asp

There are times where we all need to find the tenacious side of us in order to survive, move forward or demand what we want out of our lives. It is a fight we may even do for others. Jacobs fight wasn’t just for himself, he was fighting for a nation.

Tenacity, I must admit it’s another quality I don’t hear much of these days.  People talk about the need to be ruthless in business in order to get far.  Willing to do all that it takes to get what you want, I beg to differ. You can be tenacious and keep your integrity. Ruthlessness, often is at the expense of your integrity as well as others.

Jacob was ambitious. He knew exactly what he wanted. He knew exactly who had it and he was will to fight that person in order to get it be they God or Man. That is some mind-set.

When you hold on to God in order to receive what he has for you that reward lifts you up before God and man.

So do you have a tenacious personality.  Are you a person who holds on to something you recognise as blessing that could change your life?  Are you willing to use all you mind, soul and physical strength in order to make it happen?

Some dreams require all the above in order for them to happen.  It’s a long fight with penalties. But if you reach your ‘day break’ your life will never be the same again.

Be tenacious  about your life. It can be a quality like wisdom, that draws people to you and into your life.

Be the change you want to be, until next time have a great day.






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