Football – ‘The Beautiful Game’

I have often heard people, (mostly men:-) ) refer to football as ‘The Beautiful Game.’  That’s some statement, and obviously born out of a real  love and passion for the sport.

Now, I am no avid football fan, nor expert for that matter.  In fact, my love for the game comes around once every 4 years!!  It’s now World Cup season and if you are not a fan of football right now it can be quiet lonely as a wife or girlfriend and boring if you are a lover of TV, because right now, its prime time for Football lol!

So why is football referred to as ‘The Beautiful Game?’  I can only guess, it’s because when people get to see a fantastic match, showing skill, quality goals and mastery of the game,  their end sentence is along the same lines, implying that  it was a ‘Beautiful Game!’ to watch.

There’s no denying the skill when you see it and you don’t have to be an expert to admire a fantastic goal.  I have attended a football match only once ( told you, I am a Philistine when it comes to football 🙂 But the sound of a stadium singing and chanting is phenomenal that’s all I can say!

For me ‘The Beautiful Game’ should be ‘my life,’ and I can relate life to a game of football.

  • Challenges can come from any direction, at any pace
  • Every player has a purpose and a position to play
  • The overall aim is to be a team player.  To benefit others, your team and those who have come to watch, not to just benefit yourself.  The ultimate purpose in life is the serving of others somehow, through what you do. 
  • There should always be a single purpose and focus in spite of all else, ‘The Goal’ and Winning. You have a purpose and a destiny, its down to you to seek it out and find it.
  • Not everyone plays fair and with Sportsmanship. The cards you are given in life are rarely brilliant. Some people may feel the have no hope at first, but some how your beginning cannot be author of your end.
  • Some tackles are ruthless, harsh, vindictive and can take an opponent out of the game and their career. This happens in life, some people, somehow find a way to turn these situations around.
  • There is going to be natural wear and tare on your body and health.  You get injured, you can become ill and at some point you will require time to mend. Life can stop you in your tracks.  There will always be events and situations outside of your control. You just have to work with it.
  • Once fit you always return to the game or the next available game. Obviously you only have one life and one game.
  • There is a time limit on how long you can play as a professional player as there is to life itself.  So you have to make the most of your time while you can.
  • Skill requires sacrifice, focus, persistence and dedication. Discipline
  • All Professional Footballers start off as unknown’s.  A small child playing in the park, their local street, their school. Some poor and impoverished, far from the glamour of being a Professional.  As in life, humble beginnings is the starting point for many business, etc.
  • Footballer’s don’t quit or give up! Being competitive is all part of the buzz.
  • There is always a stand out player. In life that is always you.  You are the star of your own match!
  • The goal that counts is the one ahead of you not behind for your team. In life the focus is not your past but your future!

Now, I know that many would not see their life as a ‘Beautiful Game.‘ But for me, your choices in life can make it so.

Yesterday I attended the Herbalife 30th UK Anniversary and it was an inspiring event, because of the ordinary people who had made amazing and dramatic changes to their health and were recognised for it.  It was there I saw this clip, and yep, I loved it and it inspired this blog!


Life can be ‘The Beautiful Game’ are you driven to perfect it?  Remember the star player is you!


Be the change you want to be, until next time:-)


Aquene7 = Peace



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  1. Those are great and fundamental points (both in life and football lol) that you have made. I suppose for someone to label their life as beautiful (or anything else for that matter) depends on their disposition and their outlook on life in general.

    Very inspiring points..

    Here is to both the beautiful game and life!


    • Thank you Capsulecreations. I am glad you found this inspiring and I agree with you. It is down to your outlook on life. Here’s to a beautiful game and to having a beautiful life! 😊


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