Inspiring Words – A Wind Of Change


Inspiration is a funny thing, it can come from any direction and impact your life.  I was looking for an inspiring quote this morning for my Twitter as I use Social Media in different ways because each one brings a new audience and new experiences, which I love.

I am all about learning and expanding my knowledge because in doing so I grow which enables me to share something different.  So as I read this, I considered what it meant to be ‘The Wind,’ A Wind of Change?

Just as the wind is not visibly seen, neither is change.  However, its effect is.

Just as you can see the tree bending or swaying in its midst of the wind and you can hear it as a sound, as it gently or fiercely rushes past. So is change. You often will see and experience the presence of change in your life, through the things and the lives of others around you.

The wind isn’t a physically tangible object, in that you cannot physically hold it like a book, but you sure know when it’s around you because you can feel it. For me change is no different.

Now granted, the focus of this quote is the wind and the leaf.  But the impact of the wind on the tree is just as powerful. A tree develops it strength in its roots because of the wind. So the wind also brings challenges which draws out the strength in others.

Things are never one dimensional for me. As I know in the bible the Holy Spirit is also describe as the wind. So I never see myself as a force or law unto myself. Inspiration like change can be positive or negative. Building and strengthening or destructive and uprooting.

You decide on and choose how you want to be in this life, and like the wind, your presence will impact the lives of those around you. So choose to be purposeful, directional and impactful. The fact is to some we may be the wind in their lives but someone will also be the wind in ours, Life is about co-existing, we all live and learn. Develop and grow.

So be inspiring, and be the change you want to be.  Until next time.


Aquene7 = Peace


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