Gratefulness: Do You Recognise The Basics?

Freedom Alone

There is an old saying that “you never miss what you have, until its gone!” Sad, but often times so true. So why do we take so many things or situations for granted?

Freedom is one thing that is so easily taken for granted.  The fact that you get up with health, strength and a sound mind can never be underestimated. But being able to choose what you do in varying degrees with your day, is such a gift or should I say privileged.

Sometimes it is not until you see others who in one sense, no different from you, but who have less choice than you, you realise what you have and take for granted on a daily basis.

As adults we can easily point the finger at the younger generation with statements like ‘ you have no idea how lucky you are’ because we feel irked in someway that they have not taken on board what they have, and in our eyes are failing to either appreciate or make the most of it.  But, is this not an adult thing to? It’s just who scolds you?

It’s easy to look at someone who we deemed born into wealth and privileged and see the flaws. But its all relative.

Choosing to go to school or not. Choosing to change your career or not. Choosing what to eat or not (point being you have something to choose from other than fresh air). Wash yourself or not. Move or not. To be here, there or not.  All freedoms in making your life what it is. But imagine your life with no such choices and more.

As a female born in England, when I strip out (what I can only call the extra things out) such as money, the house (that I chose), transportation, etc and look at just the basic things.  Things, that as humans we should all have, but don’t. I recognise how blessed and fortunate I am. To have the parents I have and to be born where I was.  Because in these things I had choice or control over.

Therefore, I recognise the importance to be grateful for the basics let alone the extra’s in my life.

There is what I can only describe as a trend on Facebook at present where an individual is challenged to do a ‘Gratitude Post’ for seven days. Once nominated, they can either accept or not, and in turn also nominate three people. I decided to state 7 things for each of the 7 days. It’s a nice way to begin my day.  Why not give it go, if you haven’t done so already?

Have a great day, and be the change you want to be.



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  1. You are right on point. I like how you touched on health and a sound mind. Im grateful to have a sound mind Excellent post. I came over from Opinionated Man.


  2. Excellent post!! Great challenge 🙂


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