Natural Law – Doesn’t Change!


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You reap what you sow.

I’m sure we have heard this statement many times. Usually, used when someone has done something viewed as bad. But how true is it? Do you believe in that or as others would like to call it Karma.

The bible says that all seeds and vegetation were to produce after itself and its own kind Genesis 1 11-12. That is a natural law. An apple tree (without mans intervention these days) will produce apple seeds and apples only because that is what it was designed to do. A lion will not give birth to a bear nor will anything produced outside of its own design. Natural laws are in place for a reason. they keep things in check and in balance.  Our seasons are always Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.  They may vary in length, but depending on your location most people will experience all four. Where ever we get an excess or imbalance in a season, nature some how develops a resilience to adapt.  Seeds will lay dormant in the sand for months and years in a desert. Animals and insects are designed for extreme cold or extremely hot weather. But as soon as it rains in the desert the landscape changes and of course the plants will produce after themselves.

So whatever is sewn that is what you reap in life.

The law of Genesis covers all kinds of seeds and vegetation likewise birds, insects etc. But what about the intangible things. Fear, doubt, hate, greed, love, faith etc. Don’t these things also begin as seeds? In Matthew 17:20 Jesus uses the example of faith the size of a mustard seed being able to move mountains. Anyone who has seen a mustard seed will know, it is not big at all.

MustardSeed (1)

A Mustard Seed


A Mustard Seed Tree – West Africa

As you can see a mustard seed will grow in the most challenging of areas. So it not the size of any seed but the potential that is carried within it that determines what we see outwardly.  Farmers and those who enter competitions for producing the biggest and the best of any plant, flower, fruit or veg, will say they use only the best quality seeds when they sow because that is the only way to remove flaws and get the best quality product.

Horse breeders or animal breeders will also pair up the pedigree breeds in order to get the best. So it’s all about the potential in the seed.

All seeds have to be fed or nurtured in some way in order to grow. Physical seeds would need watering and their nutrients comes from the soil they are in. But, what about those intangible things? Well we know doubt and fear go hand in hand and together they work against faith. If someone is offended by someone, if left unresolved, that then has the potential to become bitterness, dislike and hate. All are seeds and its our choices that give them life in our lives and space to grow producing after themselves or not.

Its important therefore, to sow the best seeds into our lives. Anger, bitterness, jealousy, fear,etc., are common to us all. No one is above these emotions.  But we all have a choice, and we can let them drive us and own us or we can choose to limit their influence in our lives. Just like the specialist breeders we can choose the best of things and sow those seeds on a daily basis.

I believe in the fruits of the Holy Spirit and believe those are the best seeds to sow in our lives.


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Sewing these things into our lives I can’t say is easy.  I have found that from a human level there is always a situation that max’s me out. Something that takes me to the end of my own resources where patience runs out, peace runs out, etc. Given these are spiritual fruit, it stands to reason that it takes God to increase your capacity in these areas. Likewise, it takes God’s love to enable us to realise the importance of letting go of certain things in our lives, that we are giving strength and life to everyday but is causing us harm because we a reaping what we sow. Hence, forgiveness when sewn into your own life releases you from so many things.

Natural Law doesn’t change nor does spiritual law. Their seeds produce after themselves. Doing good is always the challenge in this life because it is so giving and hardly is it acknowledge and rewarded. But we all choose what we want for ourselves at the end of the day. So choose to reduce the negative things where possible I say.

Be the change you want to be, until next time.


Aquene7 = Peace

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  1. Incredibly Inspirational x 🙂 Looking forward to more.


  2. Some very powerful analogy’s on the seed to be found here Aquene.

    I was challenged and blessed to read this.

    Thank you so much, I really appreciated reading this.




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