A Promise To Myself – Changing My Health

Life is certainly a journey, fraught with its ups and downs and curve balls.

One aspect of this is our health.  The notion that you can eat badly and then compensate with burning it off via exercise is bad practice and definitely not the way to go.

Like many, I am far from being the correct weight for my height. I currently have the pleasure of being classed as ‘Morbidly Obese’ by my Wii:-) and elastic, loose-fitting clothes and layers are currently my best friends.


Weight Loss Google Free Images


I need to lose 3.5 stones in order be where I need to be.  Now that is not an immense amount of weight but it has been my nemesis. Now, taking my health in hand is not a recent journey.  Truth be told I realised I needed to do something a few years ago and I started to bring exercise into my life and looked into healthier eating but for what ever reason I have not even been able to lose 1 stone.  I grew fitter but the weight loss has eluded me.

So what do you do, when what you want doesn’t seem to be happening?  Truth is I could find  lots of excuse, some may even be valid but the truth is at the end of the day I am the one suffering with aches and pains.

I thought about the amount of times I have made promises to myself of ‘loosing this’ and ‘loosing that’ and not attaining it.  I thought people let you down but what about when you let your own self down. What is my word worth to me?

It may seem like I am being hard on myself and maybe I am, but it has given me a new commitment to changing my health.  It has made me accountable to me in a very real and conscious way. I owe it to myself to be the best me I can be, so the least I can do is keep my own word and my own promise to myself.

People letting you down is out of your control and something you have to adapt to and grow from. But you letting yourself down is another thing especially when the goal is attainable. The battle is with my own taste and choices and being consistent with the right decisions.


So, it’s about being committed to me and my health. It’s about being the change I want to see and be.

Here’s to a new day and me loosing my first stone and those all important inches:-)

Have a great day!


Aquene7 = Peace

About aquene7

I am a mother, a grandmother and Christian, all an essential part of who I am. I happened upon Blogging and found out how to mesh something I have done through out my life which was encouraging those who were friends and family and my love of writing. In doing my usual personal development I came in to the world of coaching and totally fell in love with it and I am currently studying to become a Personal Performance/Life Coach with The Coaching Academy. I absolutely love writing and thought this would be good way to combine these three passions in one place. I hope you find my blog does what it says on the tin, which is to encourage readers with positive and motivational posts:-) Update: 23/3/14: I finally decided to put a face to my blog:-)

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  1. Always such a important step to write it out and share it to others of your health goals, and I really commend you for this.
    All the best, I know you will achieve your target.
    Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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