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Half-Time – How To Win!

Happy New Year! Welcome to my blog if this is your first visit, and thank you for visiting again if you have been here before:-)

2020 was certainly a year of dramatic change and this year begins with the legacies of 2020 driving our economic decisions and current outcomes. It would be easy to come into this year with very little or no hope at all.

But that is not my heart, because my faith says to speak life and to have hope in the one that created all things. Challenges and difficulties happen and will constantly happen. Yet, throughout time people continue to have dreams and plans and achieve amazing things, in a world that told them they “could not!” “Not now – the time is wrong!” “You can’t!”

Last year may have you feeling as if you are on the loosing team in life. The underdog of life. Nothing ever goes right. You have more against you, than for you. But the beauty about a competive game like football (Soccer to American’s) Basketball, etc. Are the time outs when your Coach sees what’s happen to the team and what needs to change and shares strategies to the team to improve and change what has happened so far! The past can never be change but what is yet to be played can be!

The past can never be change but what is yet to be played can be!

Change starts in the mind! Cultivate and feed negative things and hope gets consumed leaving you reaping more of what you don’t want.

Cultivate change that fuels growth of positive new things and inevitably you will see the benefits.

Sometimes we find ourself in the position where “the tail is wagging the dog!” Instead of “The dog wagging its tail.”

What do I mean? I mean, instead of our thinking governing our emotions and actions. Instead, our emotions drive our thinking and subsequent actions.

Half-time is the point in your life where you take time out to rethink! Regroup! Re-strategies in order to plan a new change.

Challenge is when you find and implement resilience. Resilience is our mental fight that enables us to get up, restart and move forward again.

John Maxwell says the following:-

  1. Changing your thinking changes your belief.
  2. Changing your belief changes your expectations.
  3. Changing your expectations changes your attitude.
  4. Changing your attitude changes your behaviour.
  5. Changing your behaviour changes your performance.
  6. Changing your performance changes your LIFE!

From Thinking For Change – Book

Personal Development is where we all start with ourself. Not to measure and compare ourselves against others. That is the most destructive thing you can do.

It’s about looking inwardly with a view to nurture and build you. By removing the things that inwardly take away from you and instead bring in what feeds you, adds to you and increases you.

Never give up or Stop!

Growth is a ccontinual thing. You are never to old, to educated, to poor, too far behind to grow. Change begins where you are. Growth moves you from where you are to the vision or goal you have in mind.

How will you win in 2021?

What will you read?

What are you listening to?

What new course did you have in mind to start?

What change do you want to make?

What needs to go?

What needs to be improved?

This is not about trying change everything all at once. But select one thing you wish to change and one new thing you wish to start?

Be intentional with these choices. Don’t just think about them. Start them and be diligent about keeping on top of them. Know that as you progress the next step for change will become evident to you!

Until my next post. Be the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

Time & Life Are The Same

Some conversations are never cheery. They are instead uncomfortable. Nevertheless, they are relevant.

How you look at things can be ftom either a positive or negative view point. The glass is half empty or half full. But there are some conversations where the benefit sits in the reality of the inevitable, the thing that can never be changed. I think this is the view of my post today.

Often times we can see time as the thing we use to measure life outside of ourselves. The clock on the wall. The time on our phones, our iPad, etc. The day of the week. The month the year.

Then, once a year we align our lives to it, (time that is), due to a significant event I.e a birthday, an anniversary, a memorial.

But like the falling sand in an hour glass, we are all allotted an unknown number of days here on earth. No one knows what that figure is for themself. Yet if you were to consider each grain of sand representing a moment of your life shifting from now – time present to time past. Actually, you realise every moment and every second of your life is valuable. Nothing about your day is invaluable and inconsequential.

It only feels unimportant because we don’t have a value or appreciation of it.

That is why I guess, anyone who has almost lost their life has such a different perspective on life and time. Why? Because they see time and their life as one in the same thing. Hence, the value is in what you are doing with your life throughout each day. Are you using your time wisely and intentionally?

If every falling grain of sand is a moment of your life that can no longer be repeated then the sand that is before you needs to fall through good decisions and choices for your life.

Life and time are both precious and valuable. Spend them well.

Don’t get caught up in pointless arguments and disagreements. Things that spiral you and your life down the wrong road. Because of other peoples agendas, poor behaviours or negativity.

This post has come out of some sad news I heard yesterday. The unexpected loss of someone. I was listening to them only last Tuesday, in a discussion group. Full of life. Articulate, intelligent. Always able to bring another angle, to make you think differently in a discussion due to the wider perspective that they bring in. Someone who did alot in their community. Yet on Thursday, two days later, they were no longer here. They had meetings to fulfil on Thursday. They were to join the discussion group the following Tuesday. Yet two days later they were no longer here.

So do all you can do for today because as the saying goes. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to us.

Until the next post. Be the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

Breathe – Inhale, Exhale

Breathe - Inhale, Exhale

I am such a morning person. I love the stillness and tranquillity of early morning’s when all you can hear is quiet. A time to be still and breathe. To listen and think.

Breathing at it’s best is at a steady, calm pace. Inhale through your nose and exhale steadily through your mouth. There is a rhythm to be found that slows the heart rate and slows down our thoughts.

Stress, pressure, and challenging situations bring about the opposite effect. They stir up anxiety, chaotic and rapid thoughts and ideas. You may find yourself unable to sleep throughout the night. Being stressed, has you in constant tension. With heightened emotions, that can make you feel overwhelmed and out of control. Now, I know some people love to be challenged. But this is unwelcomed challenge. Things that are out of your control, with a negative impact on you.

Like so many of us this year, I have had my own challenging times. So much so, I felt I needed to create my own way of getting through this year. The mental and emotional challenges have been real. Bereavement, Covid19, lockdown’s, separation from friends and family, never ending media updates and constant negative news, initially made life difficult.

I found myself having to review everything and like many, way up what was really important to me and being intentional about those things.

So what did I do, in order to breathe and bring peace to my mind?

  • I decided to reduced how much news and social media info I listened to. Especially at the beginning of the year, in March. As I found myself in emotional overwhelm at times, because there was so much to process. The news was so inconsistent and fear and uncertainty was just being magnified. “Remember how people were bulk buying toilet rolls and supermarket shelves became empty? Flour became so scarce, along with other items such as pasta, that they had to be rationed, as it seemed in the UK, the world and his wife decided to take up baking.😊
  • For a while during the first lockdown, I had to learn how to do friends and family through face-time on WhatsApp, House Party and Zoom sessions. I remember the thing I missed most was to hug my sister, nephews, niece, etc.
  • I decluttered in order to make space and worked on my neglected garden following the loss of my mum in April. My garden became my therapist in a way I didn’t expect. It gave me a totally different focus and gave reason to become more creative. To plan, to nurture, to grow.
  • My morning’s have always been devotional time for me. A time that has always been special and enabling me to think, pray and meditate.
  • Writing – has always been my thing. It allows me to breathe in two ways. My creative side is expressed through my blog and using Canva which allows me to do so many things. The other is to journal my inner thoughts and emotions when I need to.
  • I also started to play a lot more instrumental worship music.
  • Reading😊

All these things have enabled me throughout this year to change the pace of my day, and I find myself mentally in a much better place today. The loss of my mum and younger cousin, are always just a thought away. I have been laughing one moment and a song or a word has thrown me into instant tears. So I give space for bereavement to also have it’s time.

I pay attention to the pace of my life. Making room to breathe. To slow down. To rest and to listen. To cut out the noise and the hubbub, and to allow myself to slowly inhale and exhale.

I realise that we dont all do life the same and what works for me may not necessarily work for you. But I think there are always touch points of learning and things you can draw or take from.

Things To Consider?

  1. What’s out of whack for you? Poor sleep, feeling irritable, feeling low, not wanting to be around people? How can this be improved? Small steps are better than no steps😊
  2. When was the last time you laughed, truly laughed? What enables you to laugh? A funny film, dancing, a favourite commedian?
  3. Are you eating well? Or are you comfort eating with lots of sugar or high caffeine? Just as a good diet is important for children to learn well in school by supporting their minds. So it is for us as adults. I started to drink more herbal teas, (great way to add antioxidants) I also reduced my meat intake and found some good quality multivitamins supplements. What would improve things for you?
  4. Tony Robbins recommends to change your state of mind through movement. So how could you change your posture? Maybe, by going for walks. Adding some kind of exercise into your week?
  5. Gratitude – what are 5 things you are grateful for? Maybe this can be a quiet time during your day to think?
  6. Journaling is always a great way to refocus your mind.
  7. How do you support your creative side? Drawing, writing, cooking, singing, sewing, designing? Doodling?
  8. Time with family or friends- it’s not been the best year but are you staying connected, even through phone calls. It is so easy to loose touch.

I hope you find some way to take time out for you? Mental health is so important today.

Until my next post. Be the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

Timing Is Everything!

Timing is everything! I’m sure you have heard this before and at times agreed.

It’s the difference between dipping at the opportune time and coming first or mistiming your lunge and coming second or third and at worst fourth and missing any medal.

Bitcoin has become the most recognised crypto currency, yet it’s not that long ago when it was alot less known and viewed as lesser known investment. For those who invested pre 2014 they experienced a meteoric increase by 2017. Where its said 1 bitcoin equalled up to $20,00.00. No wonder a number of people found that their lives changed significantly. This wave of course attracted alot of attention but needless to say that the early leap in price has not been replicated and of course there are alot more people who have since leaped onto the Bitcoin wagon, in the hope of a similar experience, but that boat has sailed for the first rise and many are hoping for a further wave, possibly bigger than the first.

Timing, timing, timing it’s the thing we can so easily take for granted, or overlook. Yet if we were to focus more on it, who knows how much we could improve things in our lives.

I’m sure there are things, that with a little more attention could bring in benefits. To be timely is not just about risk or luck. It’s also about discipline and drive. One of my favourite words is ‘intentionality.’ To be timely is to be intentional about the things in your life.

The end of the year is fast approaching and I know inspite of it being a difficult year many are already looking to 2021 and putting their goals and plans in place.

I too am looking ahead, and working on those things I would love to see in the first quarter of 2021.

Small changes can bring huge rewards if you are consistent with them.

So what have you been inconsistent in? Where have you allowed time to slip away unnecessarily? It’s never to late change or improve things🤩

Until my next post. Be the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

Keep Your Head Up!

There is no denying the challenge around your mental health at this time. But I want to encourage you to ‘Keep Your Head Up!’

If ever there was a time to have a filter in place around negative people, news and social media I would say it is now.

For me in the UK, I will be experiencing my second ‘lockdown’ for 2020. Not as severe as the one imposed in March, but never the less, it’s an isolation and separation of family and friends. It’s one thing if you are married or have children. It’s a whole other if you are single and on your own.

I realised during the first lockdown how important it was to pay attention to my thoughts and emotions. For I found myself spinning into overwhelm, panic and fear of a pointless future during those first two weeks of lockdown. My emotions were becoming low and I knew that wasn’t me. So, I leaned into the solace of my faith and after the dramatic loss of my mum to Covid in April. I found myself more and more in my garden. A place I had for 16 years, but gave very little attention to in the past. All of a sudden opened me up to colour, sewing, nurturing and growing things in pots.

My gardening became my therapist in such a subtle way, I didn’t even notice the shift at first. But it supported and improved my mental health.

Now its the other end of the seasons, as we move into winter. With shorter days, longer and nights. A very different time in the garden, yet it requires you to think ahead. I am already planning what I want to see next year. What seeds I will sow. I have already prepared the ground, by removing all the weeds. My garden received a huge make over this year, yet I know it will look even more different next year.

Resilience is found in so many ways. It’s the thing that enables you to get through, withstand, endure. For me it is my faith, my garden and close family and friends that have been my everything in 2020. For you, it will be different. But my encouragement is to find those things and build them. Give them strength. Build by moving and investing your energy into it.

I used to be pretty poor at face-timing people. But during the first lockdown face timing friends and family and social interactions between zoom calls became my thing:-)

This has been a year to reach out to people more. Most of us will easily have 50 or more contacts on our phones but who are these people. How many of these numbers do we honestly contact regularly? Just like social media. We may have hundreds or thousands of friends on FB but how many do we truly know? Thousands or millions of followers on IG, LinkedIn, YouTube, (Tiktok is a whole other world and level), yet in reality many dealing with loneliness.

So, who have you not spoken to in ages? It’s important to reach out to our friends and family. No one knows what people are going through and a simple call could make such a difference to their day.

I choose to keep my head up. It is the only way I can see a wider and bigger picture of hope.

It works for me. Find what works for you:-)

Look Up Child by Lauren Daigle

Until my next post. Keep being the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

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