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Blogging Freshman’s – Hi Five!!


Well here it is my first post for New Bloggers!!

I clearly remember how I felt when writing my first post.  There was a mixture of excitement and uncertainty.  Being able to publish something I wrote to a global audience was such a new experience.

It was a huge learning curve as there was so much to learn, and still is. So as I journey through the myriads of blogs out there in WordPress I will post a list each month of new bloggers who have created their blogs in the last 12 months or less, and hopefully direct some new friendly traffic their way:-)

Like, Follow and comment as it is always great reading someone’s response.

So today’s list is:-


The following blog is WordPress’s and great for Newbies or Seasoned bloggers a like.


Until next months post:-)




Blogging – A Whole New World!

My two-year anniversary is fast approaching and I cannot believe I am still blogging!


I remember being both excited and uncertain all at the same time, as I looked into ‘Starting my own blog’ oh so many months ago.   I did some research and being me of course I also did do some planning.  In fact, it was a goal to be achieved and that is how I approached the whole concept of ‘Blogging.’

Some of the best advice I found was to choose an area of blogging that you could write about for a long time, in other words you could sustain.  You didn’t want to start something and then find four months in say, – you no longer had anything to say.  This made me step back slightly, as I considered what on earth would that area be? In the end I decided it would be in the area I did throughout my life, encouragement!

You didn’t want to start something and then find four months in say, – you no longer had anything to say!

The next consideration was what platform to use as there were so many avenues to choose from i.e. via your own business website etc., but as you can see I decided on WordPress simply because I found it relatively straight forward to use and I liked the numerous free template options it gave and the fact that you could change this easily if you wished.

One of my go-to guy’s or sites was ‘Pro-Blogger‘ I found it very helpful, but there is a wealth of information out there and within WordPress to assist ‘newbies.’ Don’t get overwhelmed by it all. I say approach blogging like a cake and break it down into whats manageable to you.  There are some seriously impressive sites and bloggers out their but at the end of the day you can only do you. People follow out of interests to themselves.  Either your posts or blog has connected with them or they simply just want to build their own blogging world, their is always self interest at play:-)

‘ Don’t get overwhelmed by it all’

In the early days I decided to hand write a number of posts in a book first, so that I could have a ‘library of work so to speak,’ to draw on when posting.  I think this was a tip I picked up on, as at the time, I had no idea how much inspiration I would have nor how many posts I could realistically do. Could I do more than one post per day or not? How inspired would I be? who knows but I would just capture whatever thoughts came to mind in a book because I knew I wouldn’t necessarily have my laptop all the time.  Off course you can do this kind of management within WordPress, but at the time, I neither new this nor did I understand WordPress enough to use it so sensibly:-}

My very first post was at 1:04 am on the 2nd October 2013:-) Yep inspiration to write for me can happen any time of the day or night. It is called “6 Good Habits That Equal Change’ and I remember when I hit the publish button I wondered who would read it? It was such a stupid time of the night, but I was so pleased at writing something, that I knew could be seen by someone else.  You see most of my past writings were in note books and besides one or two close friends no one saw them.

I was so shocked that within about 10 minutes of publishing someone liked my post, in fact they re-blogged it! I had no idea what re-blogging was, but this person was on the other side of the world and to know someone so far away read and liked something I wrote was the biggest encouragement I could ever of had.

they re-blogged it! I had no idea what re-blogging was

Do you remember your first post and how it felt?

Over the months WordPress was an absolute learning curve, trying to get my page to look how I wanted and to reflect me.  Blogging 101 was great and I learnt so much during the weeks it ran, and its a great place for anyone who wants to improve their blog and their blogging skills.

In support of new bloggers I thought I would start a ‘Freshman’s Blog Page’  as I know there are absolutely thousands of bloggers within the WordPress community all with a voice to be heard.

I love blogging, and its a great way to connect with other writers and their world.  I find it absolutely fascinating when I see the different countries my posts have reached, places I know I would never see.  So happy blogging people!

Be the change you want to be! Until next time.



Popcorn Mentality!!

This post has received the most traffic out of all of my posts. I wrote it over a year ago and its one of my earlier writings. So I thought I would re-post it 🙂


A ‘Popcorn Mentality’ seems to be woven into our society today. What is it? Its that instant gratification kick that our society seems to be built on today. 

One way or another we may feed into it, and to a certain extent live by it.  We want results straight away, no one wants to wait anymore.  Our response is ‘why do we have to?’ Just like with food and the changes to our eating habits, born out of changing life styles, we now have the Micro-wave, where we can heat something up or defrost it in a fraction of the time. Like Popcorn, we put our corn seeds into the  micro-wave with an expectation of instant popcorn, hot, sweet, salty or plain, but ready to go/eat in minutes.

The Kitchen Tigeris - Google Images The Kitchen Tigeris

Our patience, seems to be growing thinner and thinner day by day, as our world grows faster with technology and…

View original post 442 more words

Expansion – I am Not The Same Person

Sometimes the decision has to be – no going back!

It was around six years ago.  I remember it becoming very apparent that I needed to find a new role. I could see the writing on the wall for my current post and recognised waiting for ‘dead men’s shoes’ in order to get a promotion was not a choice nor the right the decision. At the time a large amount of change was being pushed through and people were so molded by the culture of the company, all they were doing was complaining and stepping on each other. Work had become a feeding pool and we were dinner to each other.  The joy had gone, instead there was distrust, pressure and a wealth of negative behaviours.

Work had become a feeding pool and we were dinner to each other.

That environment was not for me, and something inside me said you need to move.  So I looked externally and recognised if I was to stand a chance I had to get the relevant training that would put me into a better position. to compete and contend in the wider market.   It had been a long time since I had to apply for a job eternally and so I knew I had to get familiar with the newer way of applying for a job and get to grips with understanding what my skills were and how they were relevant to any new posts/jobs I saw, in order to reflect my competence in applying for them.

Now this may sound like standard stuff to you, but I had worked in my job for years, around 19 at the time, and in the meantime the world had changed and moved on.

One major difference I have learnt between a person who is employed oppose to someone who is an entrepreneur, self-employed, a contractor or business owner is the difference in mindsets.  Most employees do not understand their worth nor the skill-sets they may have.  Security and the familiarity of being in the same company for years means you don’t have to be as sharp, because you are not competing in a major pond.  You do what you do.   But what it takes to do what you do, you struggle to break down and articulate for a job application or in an interview.  in fact, you discount things. Either not seeing them at all or failing to appreciation what it takes to do them.  ‘oh its nothing.’ ‘Its just my job’ are statements that over generalise and simplify things.  Things bosses and line managers can easily take for granted and you fail to value as anything significant. Its just your work ethic and a standard you work by.

However, I did what I needed to do and in the end got my dream job at the time and moved into my new post.  Many were surprised and wondered how I did it.  Others said I timed it perfectly. All I knew, was it had to be done.  If I had stayed, my future felt like it would of died at the time.

It was the best thing I did. I learnt so much and grew as a person, way beyond what I could have achieved if I had stayed put.  I knew that there was no way I could ever go back to where I was, because I was no longer the same person.

It was the best thing I did.

Often times in life when you leave something behind or step away from something in order to improve or better yourself, there simply cannot be any going back. That’s not to say things can’t go wrong, but you know within yourself your just bigger than what you left behind, and even though things may go wrong or do not work out. There simply is no going back.

The drive to move,  was greater, than the challenge of  change.  I believe that there are times in your life that you know something more than you can articulate or explain it to others. In spite of what others may say, you know for you the answer is……….? (whatever, you fill in the blanks)

During the time I mentioned above, I simply had to move and I had to work with a specific intention that I shared with no one at the time until I needed to.  Sometimes, as much as you want to, wisdom says the least people who know your plans, the better.

The drive to move, was greater, than the challenge of  change.

Walking in faith, requires no explanation,  just obedience. I find myself in another time of transition now, and once again, it’s about doing, as oppose to talking and sharing.

The thing is, when God is moving you into something, there is always opposition, and it can come from the closes of relationships.  But if God is stretching you it’s for a reason.

Are you more than where you currently are? Do you feel its time for you to move so you can expand and grow?


Be the change you want to be, until next time.


Aquene7 = Peace


Thank You Readers!!

Well I am amazed that my posts have been viewed in 57 different countries over the past year! Who knew:-)  Some of these wonderful places I have never even heard of, WordPress is truly an amazing platform when it comes to global reach. I am really pleased I challenged myself by taking on Blogging 101 as I have seen a real improvement since September and a change in myself regarding the things I write about.  Blogging would never be the same with those who have read, followed, liked or commented on my blog, so I just wanted to say a massive ‘thank you!’ to each and everyone who has taken time out to read or view something I have written.


From Creative Common – Google Image

Another wonderful bit of statistical information from me is that  I posted my 75th post last Saturday and once again who knew when I first started with my first post on 2nd October 2013 I would have been able to write that number of posts!

Needless to say I am really grateful to God for every bit of inspiration he has given me and for the things I have done so far as I was so unsure when I first started, having no idea where my thoughts would come from.  Here’s to another year with WordPress!!!

These are a few of my past posts which I like for different reasons hope you like them too:-

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2.  Light Bulb Moments!

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4.  The Wisdom Of Naomi

5.  Football – ‘The Beautiful Game’

6.  Inspiring Words – A Wind Of Change

Happy writing everyone and be encouraged to be the change you want to be.  Until the next post.

Aquene7 = Peace

Life Begins at 50!

life_begins_at_50My 50th post and my 50th Birthday!

Life begins at fifty – A great statement and today’s declaration, for it is indeed my 50th birthday and that is exactly how I feel!  50 and proud of it!!

It’s a serious milestone in life, and one of those occasions when you stop, reflect and either appreciate your life or despair.  Well, there is no room for Misery & her friends Despair and Disappointment in this life.

What is it about being 50?  Well, my children are grown and on their own life’s journey, requiring less hand holding, and more guidance if anything now.  I am shaping my Coaching Business and meeting new people whilst stretching my own personal development into new areas and challenging myself.

My health is great and I know more about looking after myself now than I did when I was 24 and wondering could I support myself as new  mum?


Being 50 is certainly an absolute contrast to being twenty-four, that’s for sure. As a woman at twenty-four, I had issues about my looks, questions about what I wanted to do, questions about being a young mother, questions about owning my first home, questions about everything? Not just any old questions either, but all those big questions, to which you can only find out the answers by living your life and gaining the experience.

Well, I lived and have now reach that place of being very happy with myself and my own skin as a black women. Not because of a relationship ( I am of the mind no one should give you that feeling YOU. It’s a point you need to find for yourself with God). But I am very happy with myself, in that I love who I am and I love who I am becoming – because, of course, the journey continues.  I am at a place where I accept and embrace me, knowing my strengths and understanding my weaknesses and being accepting of them.  I am no longer controlled by the views of others, like I was when I was in my teens and early twenties.  At 50, I just love the feel of having a firm grip on my life!

Coaching has so helped me in reaching this place and that is why I love it because it’s empowering. I certainly do not see my self as a ‘silver surfer’ nor do I feel  ‘I am over the hill and past it!’  Yes, my reality and perspective is that I am nearer 60 than 20. But, the question for me now to consider is ‘where is my legacy?’  I could focus on the fun element.  Being independent, having a fantastic social life, striving for that amazing relationship but that’s not it for me. Those are things that are done in conjunction with…

Now, some will see their children and grandchildren as their legacy and for me they are to some extent. But it’s about investing in others outside of my immediate family. It’s about impacting lives, making a difference and lives being positively changed. ‘Its living a purposeful and intentional life.’

So yet another milestone. Another transition.

What does it mean to be fifty today? I know I cannot relate to the images of being 50 in 60’s and 70’s –  people just seemed to be mentally and physically old.  Where as today, I think there are many like myself with a mature but young attitude on life. This is reflected in their image and how they carry themselves and how they relate to others.

So I am 50 and happy!

So why not use you age as a strength, don’t see it as a limitation or a demise of who you are. Life is for living at any point and every day.  These women make powerful statements and both lead to having a great outlook on life.

So how do I finish my post today, well I think with one of my favourite poems, said in a way only the author could. ‘Still I Rise’ by Dr Maya Angelou

Continue to be the change you want to be, until next time.


Aquene7 = Peace



Happiness Is Also A Choice – Be Happy!

Well this morning’s post is about happiness and changing your state.

To ‘change a person’s state’ is very much a term used in coaching and NLP offers coaches tools that enable you to do that. It sounds mysterious but it’s quite simple really.  It’s just about getting a person even yourself to change how they currently feel through simply changing their posture, position, thoughts or environment in order to experience something different.

I had no idea what my post was this morning.  In fact, I did not have a post planned but I thought about a few songs that I just love for different reasons and this one gets me every time.  I cannot listen to this track and sit still.  In fact I cannot listen to this track and not feel…H-A-P-P-Y!

I think this song is simply genius in a nutshell.  I am all about encouraging people and for me this song does it every time.  I love it because somehow it makes me just want to free from the constraints for what being an adult is. Its brings out the fun and child like in me. My state shifts into immediate Happiness and feel good every time I hear it.

Don’t know how your day is starting or going but I hope you feel a bit of happiness from Pharrell today.


For those of you who looove kiddy films like Disney, Pixer, etc you may prefer this version:-)



Have a great day and continue being the change you want to be.  Until next time:-)


Aquene7 = Peace


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