The Patience of Bamboo

In the busy hectic world of most westernized societies, Patience it not something that is cultivated much.

Everything is designed around speed and spoken of in measures of efficiencies. Yet, patience truly has its place, when recognised. Patience reduces frustrations, irritations, anger and stresses. In fact it may even remove some bad decisions and their unwanted consequences.

Bamboo is a fascinating plant. To grow it, requires patience. The seed is very hard, and it takes five years before the shoot appears above ground. Whilst buried it establishes its rooting system. A system that has to support a stem that will reach around 90ft high. Its not until its 5th year when it breaks above ground to then grow aggressively. In the following six weeks it will reach upto 90 ft!

All the transformational hard work is completed underground. Once done, all it has to do is to stretch into it’s full self. The Chinese Bamboo Tree, is truly fascinating and it is extremely versatile and very resilient.

Maybe more patience is some thing you could bring into your day. It would certainly add to your mental and emotional well being. Not everything needs a decision today. Deserves draining your energy levels today. Not everything needs to be purchased today.

So how can you slow your world down a bit?

There is alot to be said for exercise that is not about speed but more about building strength and technique. Palates does that for me. How about you?

With all the stresses in our world today, I think patience deserves a bigger space in our day to day life. Your blood pressure would most certainly thank you for it😊

Practicing patience is good self-care.

Until my next post. Be the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

Bitcoin – Its Got My Attention!

I am no Cryto-guru. My knowledge of crypto currency is minimal but Life lessons can be drawn from any situation.

Timing Is Everything

In my post Timing Is Everything! I shared on the importance of timing. So, if you have been following Bitcoin you will know it has exceeded past performances on Monday, reaching $34000! Before slipping back to around $30000 for one coin!! For those whose world is Bitcoin, their excitement must be off the scales right now.  Whilst for many in the banking world the contrast couldn’t be more different with an immense downturn to battle against. However, for anyone who is truly into doing the minimal in effort, simply buying or invest in Bitcoin and then watching, they are the benefactors of a passive means of income.

Basically, the investment is increasing whilst they are not doing a thing.

Passive income is that place where money works for you whether you are awake or asleep. In the office or on holiday.

It is never a good thing to be dependent on one single egg or one Golden Goose.

Even if that Golden Goose is crypto, like Bitcoin. It is still important to have multiple eggs in your basket. A number of things that work passively for you.

Multiple streams of income has always been the wisest mode for living. One job, one wage, one source of income has always been a recipe for struggle, should anything go wrong.

Leaving your future in the hope of a single pension is also a vulnerability. Income coming in from multiple directions is always better than just one.

So what could become a passive income for you? The unwritten book? The undeveloped App still a mear idea? The new online training program you have had in mind for months? Even your Blog could become an income earner. But, to get a passive income into a position where it has become successful is a challenge, but when you do, it is the best thing you could have. 

Is this the time, the year to shift this from a thought into an actuality?

Be the change you want to see.


Gloria (Aquene7)

Half-Time – How To Win!

Happy New Year! Welcome to my blog if this is your first visit, and thank you for visiting again if you have been here before:-)

2020 was certainly a year of dramatic change and this year begins with the legacies of 2020 driving our economic decisions and current outcomes. It would be easy to come into this year with very little or no hope at all.

But that is not my heart, because my faith says to speak life and to have hope in the one that created all things. Challenges and difficulties happen and will constantly happen. Yet, throughout time people continue to have dreams and plans and achieve amazing things, in a world that told them they “could not!” “Not now – the time is wrong!” “You can’t!”

Last year may have you feeling as if you are on the loosing team in life. The underdog of life. Nothing ever goes right. You have more against you, than for you. But the beauty about a competive game like football (Soccer to American’s) Basketball, etc. Are the time outs when your Coach sees what’s happen to the team and what needs to change and shares strategies to the team to improve and change what has happened so far! The past can never be change but what is yet to be played can be!

The past can never be change but what is yet to be played can be!

Change starts in the mind! Cultivate and feed negative things and hope gets consumed leaving you reaping more of what you don’t want.

Cultivate change that fuels growth of positive new things and inevitably you will see the benefits.

Sometimes we find ourself in the position where “the tail is wagging the dog!” Instead of “The dog wagging its tail.”

What do I mean? I mean, instead of our thinking governing our emotions and actions. Instead, our emotions drive our thinking and subsequent actions.

Half-time is the point in your life where you take time out to rethink! Regroup! Re-strategies in order to plan a new change.

Challenge is when you find and implement resilience. Resilience is our mental fight that enables us to get up, restart and move forward again.

John Maxwell says the following:-

  1. Changing your thinking changes your belief.
  2. Changing your belief changes your expectations.
  3. Changing your expectations changes your attitude.
  4. Changing your attitude changes your behaviour.
  5. Changing your behaviour changes your performance.
  6. Changing your performance changes your LIFE!

From Thinking For Change – Book

Personal Development is where we all start with ourself. Not to measure and compare ourselves against others. That is the most destructive thing you can do.

It’s about looking inwardly with a view to nurture and build you. By removing the things that inwardly take away from you and instead bring in what feeds you, adds to you and increases you.

Never give up or Stop!

Growth is a ccontinual thing. You are never to old, to educated, to poor, too far behind to grow. Change begins where you are. Growth moves you from where you are to the vision or goal you have in mind.

How will you win in 2021?

What will you read?

What are you listening to?

What new course did you have in mind to start?

What change do you want to make?

What needs to go?

What needs to be improved?

This is not about trying change everything all at once. But select one thing you wish to change and one new thing you wish to start?

Be intentional with these choices. Don’t just think about them. Start them and be diligent about keeping on top of them. Know that as you progress the next step for change will become evident to you!

Until my next post. Be the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

Writer’s Corner – (01) Keep Going!

Writing – it’s a freedom we love and blogging is the vehicle through which we have chosen to express that freedom!

But building a successful blog requires time and work. Which means being intentional.

As I have written in previous posts I started this blog around 7 years ago and I became pretty inconsistent during the past 4 years. Infact, I would say it literally was ‘tumble weed and crickets’ for 3 of those years!!

But writing never left me, it was just ideas to write consistently that became a challenge. Encouragement was always my centre, but keeping it fresh…that was the rub!!

The blogging world is immense, and it is easy to feel like you are writing and no one is reading. But there is a lot of information out their for newbie bloggers you just have to chose to be engaged.

Keep Going!

So I have chosen to get more involved. With my new found drive for writing I joined a writing course in order to learn about writing children’s books. It a dream I have had for years and finally decided to make it happen. So I begin that journey next month.

I have also started to implement some of the Do’s for blogging. One of which is to pay attention to your stats. Not something I ever done before, but as I always state, learning can begin at any point in time. You just have to be intentional and consistent.

If you look at your stats on a weekly and monthly basis it can be really eye opening? You can see what is of real interest to readers and what is getting the most attention. This has helped me to hone down my focus more and hopefully will improve my writing.

How about you? How are you improving your writing as we go into a new year?

Gloria (Aquene7)

What Makes A Good Friend?


I cannot believe I originally wrote this post all the way back on the 9th October 2013! It was the eighth post I wrote.

So I thought I would update it. As, in all things our views and thought processes change with age, time, experiences, learning and a myriad of things. So this is what I would say today if the question had popped into my head today.😊

This question popped into my head today for some reason.  Why? I have no idea, just one of those random moments I suppose, so I decided to pondered on the question for a while and see what I came up with.

Courtesy of Courtesy of

Q. What makes a good friend?  So Iconsidered what were the most important things to me? What did I value the most in a friendship?

The more I considered these points, the deeper my thinking grew.  It wasn’t…

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