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Do We Need To Innovate & Adapt Better?

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Covid 19 has change everything in how we do life.

Businesses both big and small have had to seriously review how they do service. In the UK, working from home was not common place in the beginning of 2020. However, because of lockdown, many large to medium scale businesses had to adapt quickly and become innovative in their ideas, in order to make ‘working from home’ happen for its employees, and to keep their services running. From local GP services, banking services, utility services, social services, schools, etc. All had to ensure processes, equipment and robust systems were enabled in order to function, in a now extraordinary world. The change was so stark and dramatic, that questions have since arisen around huge corporation sites and buildings which have stood empty and the rising question of “are all these buildings still required?” Once things start opening back up towards late Springto early Summerthis year, will all those office buildings ever be fully utilised again? Let alone needed?

In the City of London the loss in office and corporate staff, has changed the dynamics immensely. The impact to the viability of smaller supporting industries that rely on corporate employees as their customers, has been nothing short of catastrophic in places. The loss in footfall since March 2020 has meant, many businesses have gone under and simply won’t exist by Summer 2021 when business start to open up again.

The emotional and mental pressure to stay afloat has been hard. The hands of many organisations were forced by Covid to change and change fast. Technology became fundamental in enabling this to happen and I believe these changes are in many cases here to stay. Zoom and Team Meetings have become the norm in communicating, connecting and socialising, At first they were even the life line for families and friends to be able to see each other. Hence the upturn in the use of their services and demand requiring them to adapt fast.

Why Does Business Innovation Matter?

Covid truly is ” the unthinkable” situation, but innovation has always been an essential aspect of any business in order stay relevant, cost effective, finding new businesses and remaining profitable. Innovation carries risk, and depending on how much risk you are willing to take, can determine your existence.

Examples of this are Apple and their move to launch a number of new innovative products like the ipod during a time when it was going against trend and many believed it would not work. While Nokia and BlackBerry are the examples of missing the innovation boat. Therefore, innovation is truly about timing and recognising an opportunity or as I have heard it said “exploiting” and opportunity.

Just as it is important for corporations, businesses and technologies to adapt, so it is for us as individuals. It is important that we to are innovative and adaptive to change on a personal basis ourselves. In order to be at our best.

We may find that we are forced into having to change like many businesses have been this past year. Loosing your business, your job or being furloughed are not easy changes to adjust to. The reality of coping with such a crisis can be overwhelming. It takes courage and strength to find a way to not only adapt but to overcome such challenges. To somehow make something out of nothing.

But change can come in the smallest, yet simplest of things. That maybe focusing on your health both mental and physical. Simple walks that change your environment, getting you out of the house. Maybe you find that you think better outside the house than in side. Whatever works for you. Many a dream is built or life has been changed, by ideas and plans plotted while out walking or running.

I have read and watched some great stories of people who have started small initiatives during lockdown and found that their lives have changed. Some generating from having time to bake for instance, which became so popular that a business was born. Some ideas were just from caring about their community I.e exercise classes on Zoom or YouTube and demand grew.

One of the best adaptations I have seen recently, was a small business that provided tours or a taxi service in London via pedal bikes, who during Lockdown experienced their business literally dropped by 95%. Somehow, they recognised a gap and began to provided a service for vulnerable cancer patients to still maintain their medical appointments. Because the patience had minimal contact with people and were not within an enclosed vehicle they were less likely to be in contact with covid. This adaptation by the business generated a whole new line of revenue enabling its riders to stay in work, by providing a much needed service.

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Change may require thinking about something totally new. Maybe it’s something you have always wanted to do but their was never enough time or it just seemed the time was never right. I believe 2021 is still a challenging year, but so are the years ahead, to be fair. So to go for your dream now, really is as gooder time as time as any.

Anyone in business now has to find courage. Whether it is to start or whether it is to keep going.

Ideas come to us all the time. But not many of us turn these ideas into realities. Is there anything you would like to do this year? It doesn’t have to be starting a business, but maybe its picking up something you use to do? Maybe walks could be combined with photography? Maybe having more time could allow you to explore your crafting side? Truth is it’s never to late to pick up your dream.

Well until the next post. Be the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

The Patience of Bamboo

In the busy hectic world of most westernized societies, Patience it not something that is cultivated much.

Everything is designed around speed and spoken of in measures of efficiencies. Yet, patience truly has its place, when recognised. Patience reduces frustrations, irritations, anger and stresses. In fact it may even remove some bad decisions and their unwanted consequences.

Bamboo is a fascinating plant. To grow it, requires patience. The seed is very hard, and it takes five years before the shoot appears above ground. Whilst buried it establishes its rooting system. A system that has to support a stem that will reach around 90ft high. Its not until its 5th year when it breaks above ground to then grow aggressively. In the following six weeks it will reach upto 90 ft!

All the transformational hard work is completed underground. Once done, all it has to do is to stretch into it’s full self. The Chinese Bamboo Tree, is truly fascinating and it is extremely versatile and very resilient.

Maybe more patience is some thing you could bring into your day. It would certainly add to your mental and emotional well being. Not everything needs a decision today. Deserves draining your energy levels today. Not everything needs to be purchased today.

So how can you slow your world down a bit?

There is alot to be said for exercise that is not about speed but more about building strength and technique. Palates does that for me. How about you?

With all the stresses in our world today, I think patience deserves a bigger space in our day to day life. Your blood pressure would most certainly thank you for it๐Ÿ˜Š

Practicing patience is good self-care.

Until my next post. Be the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

Writer’s Corner – (01) Keep Going!

Writing – it’s a freedom we love and blogging is the vehicle through which we have chosen to express that freedom!

But building a successful blog requires time and work. Which means being intentional.

As I have written in previous posts I started this blog around 7 years ago and I became pretty inconsistent during the past 4 years. Infact, I would say it literally was ‘tumble weed and crickets’ for 3 of those years!!

But writing never left me, it was just ideas to write consistently that became a challenge. Encouragement was always my centre, but keeping it fresh…that was the rub!!

The blogging world is immense, and it is easy to feel like you are writing and no one is reading. But there is a lot of information out their for newbie bloggers you just have to chose to be engaged.

Keep Going!

So I have chosen to get more involved. With my new found drive for writing I joined a writing course in order to learn about writing children’s books. It a dream I have had for years and finally decided to make it happen. So I begin that journey next month.

I have also started to implement some of the Do’s for blogging. One of which is to pay attention to your stats. Not something I ever done before, but as I always state, learning can begin at any point in time. You just have to be intentional and consistent.

If you look at your stats on a weekly and monthly basis it can be really eye opening? You can see what is of real interest to readers and what is getting the most attention. This has helped me to hone down my focus more and hopefully will improve my writing.

How about you? How are you improving your writing as we go into a new year?

Gloria (Aquene7)

Writing – The Beauty In Writing!

I have always loved writing.

It is my go to for expression of inner thoughts and inner self. As a thinker and introvert. I have always been at ease with ordering my thoughts and pouring them out on paper.

Writing – Writing, can be so easily taken for granted. Yet for many the right to an education and the freedom to write and express your thoughts freely is a challenge and in many cases denied.

Keep Writing!

I was watching one of Oprah Winfrey YouTube clips today and she mentioned how she has a huge painting in her living room called “To The Highest Bidder.” The painting is of a slave women and her daughter being sold. It acts a reminder for her, of those long passed and what they endured. For this reason she does not take her life for granted. She also has a document in her library listing slaves itemised as commodities with nothing but their name, age, work category and a price if sold. (Video clip below)

It made me stop to remember my mum who passed away this year. She had a difficult child hood and never completed her education due to relatives who she was entrusted to whilst her mum came to England failed to support her as they should have.

She loved to learn. She took her time to work through things as best she could. She never went back into education but I remember how she would slowly write out her letters if she had to write a letter or fill out a form. Carefully, precisely, etching her words out. The same pace as a child who was learning to write joined up letters in school. The confidence that would be depicted through speed was missing, as if she was somewhat trapped in those early years of learning and robbed of the years where her confidence would have grown.

It made me value and treasure what I have because of her and those before her.

Education and the power and freedom of writing is often taken away or denied a person, in order to limit, control and constrain them. A mechanism to restrict a person from becoming all that they can be.

Writing and reading are both a gift and a pleasure. A space for your thoughts and your mind to flourish.

For this reason I choose to encourage and up lift others up through my writings. To be a positive influence in an online world.

I write to express my faith, use my coaching insight and also to write stories in my third blog anonymously. I cannot tell you how much this feeds my mind.

Writing is a door to so many worlds. All of which resides in you.

Clearly the blogging world as huge as it is only reflects a part of the wealth of those who write.

So keep writing, feed your creativity. It gives back in more ways than you may realise. Do just think about writing a book, start to put clear goals in place to make that book become a reality.

What do you have in your mind? Is it to write a devotional? Create a journal, create a planner? Create an ebook? What ever it is. Start to move it from just an idea to becoming a reality?

Until my next post. Be the change you want to see.

To The Highest Bidder

Gloria (Aquene7)

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