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Blogging – A Whole New World!

My two-year anniversary is fast approaching and I cannot believe I am still blogging!


I remember being both excited and uncertain all at the same time, as I looked into ‘Starting my own blog’ oh so many months ago.   I did some research and being me of course I also did do some planning.  In fact, it was a goal to be achieved and that is how I approached the whole concept of ‘Blogging.’

Some of the best advice I found was to choose an area of blogging that you could write about for a long time, in other words you could sustain.  You didn’t want to start something and then find four months in say, – you no longer had anything to say.  This made me step back slightly, as I considered what on earth would that area be? In the end I decided it would be in the area I did throughout my life, encouragement!

You didn’t want to start something and then find four months in say, – you no longer had anything to say!

The next consideration was what platform to use as there were so many avenues to choose from i.e. via your own business website etc., but as you can see I decided on WordPress simply because I found it relatively straight forward to use and I liked the numerous free template options it gave and the fact that you could change this easily if you wished.

One of my go-to guy’s or sites was ‘Pro-Blogger‘ I found it very helpful, but there is a wealth of information out there and within WordPress to assist ‘newbies.’ Don’t get overwhelmed by it all. I say approach blogging like a cake and break it down into whats manageable to you.  There are some seriously impressive sites and bloggers out their but at the end of the day you can only do you. People follow out of interests to themselves.  Either your posts or blog has connected with them or they simply just want to build their own blogging world, their is always self interest at play:-)

‘ Don’t get overwhelmed by it all’

In the early days I decided to hand write a number of posts in a book first, so that I could have a ‘library of work so to speak,’ to draw on when posting.  I think this was a tip I picked up on, as at the time, I had no idea how much inspiration I would have nor how many posts I could realistically do. Could I do more than one post per day or not? How inspired would I be? who knows but I would just capture whatever thoughts came to mind in a book because I knew I wouldn’t necessarily have my laptop all the time.  Off course you can do this kind of management within WordPress, but at the time, I neither new this nor did I understand WordPress enough to use it so sensibly:-}

My very first post was at 1:04 am on the 2nd October 2013:-) Yep inspiration to write for me can happen any time of the day or night. It is called “6 Good Habits That Equal Change’ and I remember when I hit the publish button I wondered who would read it? It was such a stupid time of the night, but I was so pleased at writing something, that I knew could be seen by someone else.  You see most of my past writings were in note books and besides one or two close friends no one saw them.

I was so shocked that within about 10 minutes of publishing someone liked my post, in fact they re-blogged it! I had no idea what re-blogging was, but this person was on the other side of the world and to know someone so far away read and liked something I wrote was the biggest encouragement I could ever of had.

they re-blogged it! I had no idea what re-blogging was

Do you remember your first post and how it felt?

Over the months WordPress was an absolute learning curve, trying to get my page to look how I wanted and to reflect me.  Blogging 101 was great and I learnt so much during the weeks it ran, and its a great place for anyone who wants to improve their blog and their blogging skills.

In support of new bloggers I thought I would start a ‘Freshman’s Blog Page’  as I know there are absolutely thousands of bloggers within the WordPress community all with a voice to be heard.

I love blogging, and its a great way to connect with other writers and their world.  I find it absolutely fascinating when I see the different countries my posts have reached, places I know I would never see.  So happy blogging people!

Be the change you want to be! Until next time.



A Promise To Myself – Changing My Health

Life is certainly a journey, fraught with its ups and downs and curve balls.

One aspect of this is our health.  The notion that you can eat badly and then compensate with burning it off via exercise is bad practice and definitely not the way to go.

Like many, I am far from being the correct weight for my height. I currently have the pleasure of being classed as ‘Morbidly Obese’ by my Wii:-) and elastic, loose-fitting clothes and layers are currently my best friends.


Weight Loss Google Free Images


I need to lose 3.5 stones in order be where I need to be.  Now that is not an immense amount of weight but it has been my nemesis. Now, taking my health in hand is not a recent journey.  Truth be told I realised I needed to do something a few years ago and I started to bring exercise into my life and looked into healthier eating but for what ever reason I have not even been able to lose 1 stone.  I grew fitter but the weight loss has eluded me.

So what do you do, when what you want doesn’t seem to be happening?  Truth is I could find  lots of excuse, some may even be valid but the truth is at the end of the day I am the one suffering with aches and pains.

I thought about the amount of times I have made promises to myself of ‘loosing this’ and ‘loosing that’ and not attaining it.  I thought people let you down but what about when you let your own self down. What is my word worth to me?

It may seem like I am being hard on myself and maybe I am, but it has given me a new commitment to changing my health.  It has made me accountable to me in a very real and conscious way. I owe it to myself to be the best me I can be, so the least I can do is keep my own word and my own promise to myself.

People letting you down is out of your control and something you have to adapt to and grow from. But you letting yourself down is another thing especially when the goal is attainable. The battle is with my own taste and choices and being consistent with the right decisions.


So, it’s about being committed to me and my health. It’s about being the change I want to see and be.

Here’s to a new day and me loosing my first stone and those all important inches:-)

Have a great day!


Aquene7 = Peace

Routine – Good vs Bad

Routine.  A lot of people swear by it.  It is the only way they get through their day,  their week, or their month.

Having a routine can be great. It brings order and discipline into a life that would otherwise be chaotic.  It gives you the benefit of knowing where things are, what’s next, how long something takes, where one thing ends and the next thing begins.

I have friends who know exactly where to stand along a train station platform in order to board the train at a particular point so that when they get off they are at the perfect point to make the fastest exit, in order to leave or get their next train for work. I laughed when my friend explained the precision in this as I thought it was a detail to far.  But as she said every minute counts. Can’t argue with that. But the question was did that minute matter to me as much as it did to her? Obviously, not!
But people who focus like this do get things done. It may not be the ideal for me or you but there is something to learn and be taken from their effort.  Does it mean this person is never late or rushing no. But they feel it makes a difference.  It’s an improvement upon  what they could would be like without it.

People who have strict routines and order to things, can be perceived as ‘control freaks’ ‘OCD’ even ‘anal’ depending how strict they are, and the mood you are left in, should you be the one needing help and feeling they are a hindrance rather than a help, as some are to the letter in how they work.

Routine, as with all things has a lot going for it. We all have routines in our lives to varying degrees one way or the other. Its part of how we live. As a mother, I could not have gotten by without having some routine in place as children need routine because it brings security, comfort and aids in their development and growth. While constant change is unsettling and brings negative impacts to a child.

However, everything needs to be reviewed at some point.
As in my last post, it is important to be flexible and to review YOU at times and what you are doing. As I wrote in my previous post ‘How Do You Motivate Yourself?’ Kaizen – ‘continuous improvement’ is important because as a day changes so does life.

I remember hearing a story once that roughly went like this:-

A young girl received in her breakfast  an omelette, which her mum always lovingly prepared for her.
“Mama why do you always make your omelette in a triangle?
“I don’t know baby, it’s how my Mama always made them for me, so I do the same for you because I love to?
The little girl was curious and remembered what her mama said, so when she was with her grand mama she asked her about the omelette story.
Her grandmother explained that that’s how her mama made them for her but her mama was born a slave. She explained that her grand mama was born a slave so when her mama cooked eggs it was a treat and all she had was an old pan and that was the shape of the pan so that’s how the eggs came out.

Some times our routines can become traditions. Traditions are accepted routines and we do not necessarily know the WHY anymore, it just is. It’s what we do or what we have always done. We have never thought to question it. Routines as with the little girl, can be handed down. They can come in many forms – mum’s personal recipe, Christmas Day at a particular family members house, etc. We do it often enough and long enough that it is now called a ‘family tradition.‘ On a National level it can become so wide scale that it is then called ‘culture’ and ‘custom’.

Routines come into our lives for many reasons. Like I said, they are often good. But what we can fail to recognise is that some have a ‘TEMPORARY’ life span. Their benefit was only meant to be for a few weeks or a month or so.  Like fashion that is current, at some point it becomes left behind into a position that is no longer current. Instead it becomes dated. Locked in by the very time and season it was created in, and anyone still wearing it gets locked into that time also. This can done well or done badly.  You know, I am sure you have seen someone,  maybe even yourself where you can say it works or they need to change.

But what we can fail to recognise is that some have a ‘TEMPORARY’ life span. Their benefit was only meant to be for a few weeks or a month or so.

Routines can out stay their welcome and their usefulness. The wrong routine can hold you back from your future rather than moving you into it.

So what needs to go? What are you doing that really,  if you think about it you no longer need to do?

Or what is it you need to do? What would help if you did it more frequently?  What should be part of your routine?

Think it! Do it! Change it!

Be the change you want to be!  Until next time.

Aquene7 = Peace

How Do You Motivate Yourself?

How do you motivate yourself when you feel things are slipping or slowing down? What do you do when you recognise you are going to miss the target you set or you have missed your target?

How do you motivate yourself when you acknowledge that your dream is not going to happen if you continue to go at the pace you are currently going at?

This was where I was a short time ago.  I had set my goal of qualifying as a coach from last year and this was to be achieved by May this year but I could see by the end of March early April, I was falling off track and the final stages was seeming as a big ask. But I knew it had to be done, and the thought of taking 18 months or 2 years to complete, was not an option for me, it was never part of my original plan. So I needed to get myself back on track.

One thing that has constantly been in my mind recently was the Japanese word Kaizen. What is that I hear you ask? Well if you are in the manufacturing and engineering world you will be familiar with it.  It’s the important process of ‘Continual Improvement” and literally means “Improvement” or “Change for the best.”   Not change/improvement for the sake of it but small improvements that bring specific benefit.  This was the process that literally enabled Japan to rise from being a devastated country after World War 2 into becoming a world leader and player in an extremely short space of time.



In Steven Covey’s book ‘7 Habits Of High Effective People’ he calls this process ‘Sharpening The Saw.’  Reviewing your goals and your actions with a view of seeing what needs to change, what is no longer beneficial and basically how to bring self-improvement and change where necessary to yourself and what you are doing currently.

I recognise there were things I needed to change otherwise I would achieve the result I did not want and here are a few of the things I did.  I must admit, I didn’t just wake and decide to do these things all at the same time.  It was a more organic process.  One day I would have one idea maybe a week or so later something else popped up and I ran with that.  But what they all did, was they brought about a small shift in my momentum that as time went by increased my pace, focus, drive and passion in doing what I knew I needed to do.

Step 1.  Way Up My Priorities:  As with most people I realised I had a number of important plates spinning all at the same time and I now needed to re-think everything and decide what was most and important and why.  Once I did that I realised certain things would have to be parked or at least have less of my attention for a while in order to free up time and allow me more space to use my mind and concentration in getting what needed to be done, done.  One of my decisions was to blog less, not ideal but i said it wouldn’t be for long.

Step 2. Have a Clear Plan: I looked at what I needed to do to in order to successfully complete my submission and I familiarised my self with anything I was putting off.  From that I wrote out a clear checklist of what had been accomplished and what was still missing so that I could tick things off once completed. Obviously, this was for my goal but what do you need to put a clear plan in place for?  What have you done so far? What’s still missing for you? When do you need to achieve this by? Why? If you don’t do any of this what will happen? This outcome how does it make you feel?

3.  Considered What Resources I Now Needed:  I thought about what I needed in order to get me to my end goal.  I decided I needed help in order to keep myself on track but more importantly keep myself accountable.  As a trainee Coach I am aware that it is important to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are.  I am great when everything is flowing right but once I start to lose pace I know, I in myself isn’t always enough and I need to have someone in my corner that I am accountable to.  So, I got myself a Coach! Don’t be afraid to get the right kind of help or to put in place the resource you need. So What do you need? Do you need the skills of a Coach? Do you have all the materials you require? 

4. Challenge Yourself:  I have an old fashion diary which I love.  Some people put everything in their phone.  I choose a full page diary as its easy to see clashes and keep track of everything including my client appointments.  Another thing i found myself doing was first thing in the morning asking myself ‘What do you want by the end of the day.’ I would write this in my diary and list the most important things I would like to have completed by the end of the day.  This was not just to do with my coaching stuff, but other things i see as important to my life.  i.e. Workout Session for my health, Reading some of my current book, one or two agreed actions from my coach.  I wouldn’t do an exhaustive list but just 3 or 4 really important things that needed to be complete during the week.  As I achieved them I would tick them off. How can you challenge yourself into action? What can you do to keep yourself on track each day?

5.  Self Learning:  One thing I have picked up from Inspirational teachers like Jim Rohn is to read. So part of my motivational strategy was to cover off a certain amount of reading during the week too. Two books or more per week is nothing for some people who are avid readers. For me it was more about what I read rather than the quantity so I loaded a number of books onto my Kindle which I am now working my way through happily and loving what I am learning.  These include a few of Jim Rohn’s books and Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo.  To accompany the Talk Like TED book  I also decided to watch the TED Video’s and it was a very wise decision for me.  So find what works for you and build it into your day.

All of these things varied in intensity and by them self seemed like a small thing really, but I have found together they have brought me to a place where I am more than on track with my goal and by the end of June my studying will be over, YES!!  However, my mind is already onto the next level about perfecting my love of Coaching and understanding ‘What makes people tick and enabling them to get there!”

I say all this to encourage you in finding your way to getting to YOUR ‘there’ where ever that is.  It’s not about quitting, just rethink and adjust what needs to be adjusted. I think step one in my short list is the hardest, but once you have done that it’s just about making it work.  I find the reading and watching of the video’s bring about new information for me, and great questions which then trigger me to find new answers for my life.  Having a Coach helps me to be clear and to formulate specific, measurable and realistic steps in making what I want – happen. But you may choose a good friend who you know will keep you on track.

Do what you need to do to keep yourself progressing and moving forward.

Be the change you want to be, until next time.


Aquene7 = Peace

Who Sets The Beat In Your Life?

Sometimes, I wonder where do my ideas and concepts come from because they can be so random and left field 🙂 But that’s the beauty of inspiration I supposed.  A life’s lesson can come out of the most unexpected moment or thing!

So who sets the beat in your life? Is it God? Do you feel its you? Or is it others?


This is a Metronome, not exactly amazing to look at but this was a lovely one I thought amongst all the photo’s out there.  If you are a musician or in the music industry then this would be a useful tool to have.  As with most things these day’s you can now get this as an app for your phone or even download the beat for your own use.

The Metronome sets the rhythm or pace in music. Imagine music with no sense of rhythm or pace, Who would listen to it let alone choose to buy it?

Likewise, I thought about my life. Who or what is setting the beat in my life? Next question is “what kind of rhythm or pace do I have going on right now?”

You may have heard it said of others “that they walk to the beat of their own drum.”  In other words they seem to work very much in their own way, seemingly following no one, cutting their own path in a way they choose regardless of who agrees or not. Such people, as with a lot of things can be like Marmite – you either ‘ love them’ or ‘hate them.’ Not that they would care.

So I ask again who sets the beat in your life?

As a Coach I work with people, enabling them to identify their goal, focus on one important thing and making it happen.  The speed of how quickly this is done however, is very much down to them.  You see rhythm and pace has a consistency about it. However, as in music this has to change in order to create music. Like our heart beat has to change in accordance to the circumstance you find your self in.  How boring would it be if you had to listen to the same beat for 5 minutes let alone 10 minutes or 1 hour, even 1 day. It would quickly shift from being interesting to boring and annoying.

Your heart would also fail in its purpose if all it had was one rhythm and pace. How would you run, how could you support functions that required a lot more energy and exertion?

So it is I feel if you want to achieve dreams in your life.  Those goals that have not been attained yet.  They are not achieved by keeping the same pace, remaining in your comfort zone.  The whole purpose of a goal is that it should stretch you but not to the detriment of you, so not to break you, or overwhelm you. A goal should take you to a new place, because it brings something new into your life and new experiences by which you learn.

Life is complicated, but a beat needs to be clear so the pace and rhythm can be heard, followed and experienced.  How that beat comes into your life is a question only you can answer.  For me, God determines what goes on in my life and that sets my spiritual path which of course influences what I do in my life.  However, the pace I move by is I feel very much down to me because I can either choose to be driven and focused  about something or allow every wind and storm to come in and disrupt the pace of my life.

The bigger the dream the stronger the beat needs to be. There also needs to be a clear and distinct sound to. It’s not a beat that anyone else will hear, but your life will resonate with its effect.

There is a lot to be said in ‘Setting your own drum’ its the only way to living a fulfilled and purposeful life. For at the end you can say I did all I had in my heart to do.

Be the change you want to be, until the next post enjoy your life!


Aquene7= Peace






The Hour Glass, You & Change

I love this photo! I find it really striking and powerful and the quote is just as impacting.

Time is our most precious commodity, yet we can easily take it for granted, drifting through it without hardly any awareness or concern.  We wake up, we feel fine and the day begins, ticks on and eventually ends, only to begin again.

Time measured with the Hourglass is a measurement on ‘Chronos time.’  As in a clock, to measure the minutes and hours of each day. The same time by which we live every second of our life.

An hourglass is a very special piece of equipment, for as simple as it may look, it has to be calibrated in order to measure time accurately.

As a Coach my passion is to support people in their choice to use their time in a way that enables them to make the most of themselves, their goals and their dreams.  I believe we all have both realised and unrealised potential within us.  Potential is released through our gifts, skills and talents which we are all given to varying degrees.  These have to be utilised or worked in order for us to see and experience the benefits.  If we do not use and build on what we have we will never realise the potential of what we have.  In the meantime, time falls whether we choose to use it effectively or not.  Likewise, our potential will always exist whether we chose to realise it or not.

Time is a gift.  It’s not something we can own otherwise we could add to it and change it at any given point.  As with all gifts, it’s about appreciating it and valuing it and making the most of it.  Nothing worse than to see a precious gift taken for granted or under utilised.

So as the sand falls, and time ticks rhythmically  by, what are you doing with yours?  How are you choosing to spend your time?

I say to make time count. There should always be room for change.  A friend said to me that she had almost achieved and experienced all that she wanted on her bucket list.  I have never considered creating a bucket list for myself, but I decided it would be great thing to do.  Because a bucket list is made up of your emotional and spiritual dreams – the things you feel are important and that you always wanted to do in your life.  It tends to be those important things that if you knew your days were numbered (which they always are!) you would try to get them done before time ran out. This shifts how you spend your time into quality time.  So why wait for bad news to a be a catalyst for you to go for your dreams? Each day should be lived purposefully, making the most of your time. Saying what’s important, doing what’s important including to simply love, laugh and enjoy the simple things in your life that can so easily be lost or over shadowed.

Each day should be lived purposefully, making the most of your time.

Be the change you want to be, until next time keep moving forwards towards success.


Aquene7 – Peace


The Shawshank Redemption – ‘Protect Your Vision!!’

Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King 1994

I was considering how important it is to protect any vision you have for yourself in the hope of experiencing great change in your life.  I considered why it was during a time of war, harsh imprisonment, bondage/human slavery, etc., the focus  or drive of those in power seems to be to strip people of any vision or hope they may have for themselves? Why? What makes a vision or hope for an individual so important?

What makes a vision or hope for an individual so important?

Now many people will see things as a matter of fate or  that’s life and things just happen.  For them when things happen,  you just deal with the cards you have been dealt with.  But for me being a person who believes in God, I also equally believe that there is devil who is at odds with any good God wishes to reflect in and through your life. I think it was while I was studying marketing it was explained that if you gave the customer too much choice it wasn’t a good thing because it brings them into a place of indecision and no decision.  So distraction is a powerful tool and weapon.  He slows you down, confuses you and most of all, leaves you with an unclear path. Just as powerful as no vision.   Anything that requires depth and discipline, time and patience is challenged, laughed at, frowned on and somewhat unappreciated? Because people who are seen to end up limiting their focus to one thing, are not understood,  in a world where you can have and do so many things.

But when you take away a person’s hope, that sense of who they are and what they stand for.  When you confuse them in their path, mislead them down many a blind and winding ally, leading to no particular destination, it is a powerfully destructive thing. It’s also a strategy, because it means your purpose is never understood or attained by you.

The Shawshank Redemption is one of my favourite films.  I have watched it sooooo many times, I have lost count of the times and I never get bored with it. The photo above is a shot from a pivotal and defining moment in the film when the Governor is hit by the biggest revelation in is life that all he had acquired over the years through the abuse, misuse and killing of people –  was now lost.  All of his strategic planning and powerful manipulation, thwarted.  All because of the meticulous patience and quiet brilliance of one man – who he thought he owned.  A man he saw as nothing and believed had no purpose or vision.  A prisoner –  a man who he felt he had stripped of everything that would make him feel he had any worth.  A prisoner, who he felt owed him everything including his very life, because he had protected him from being regularly gang raped.  A man who he felt was now beholding to him for his very life and should be grateful for the fact that he had been given the opportunity to do the Governors bidding. A prisoner, who society and judged and incarcerated, no longer having any rights in societies eyes nor having any rights in his (the Governor’s eyes, other than to do what he was asked to do). This prisoner, had somehow turned the tables and his world upside down, directly under his nose and he did not see it coming!!

I totally loved this film. The shape in the bible was where he kept the small pick that he used for around 20 years, painstakingly digging is tunnel to freedom to the outside of the prison. The vision for his life he protected in his head in spite of the harshness of his real life. In this case he didn’t even share is plan with his best friend (Morgan Freeman), nor anyone in fear of it becoming known. By the time the Governor opens up the bible and sees the above picture, the pick has become half of its original size because of how it had been worn down over the years with use.

A few quotes from the movie:-


Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

Get busy living or get busy dying.

Ah chess… now there’s a game of kings, knights, strategy….. ( I leave it to you to find out Ellis’ response:-)

Quotes from


It’s a great story that shows it is possible to achieve the unbelievable.

So protect your vision. It’s ok to dream big as long as you a working to make it happen, because no dream is achieved with inactivity.  The bigger the dream the greater the challenges. It’s a bout sacrifice really, and how much you want something. Not everyone will understand, and not everyone will be supportive.  Whose right? You and your dream or those speaking out of their perception and vision for your life?

For me, it’s about what God says for my life? He led me to say what I have been saying throughout my blog, Be the change you want to be. Until next time.


Aquene7 = Peace

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