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Writer’s Corner (02) – Being Organised!

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This is a Fortnightly Post on (Monday’s) – These are just tips I have or am picking up. I remember how much of a maze WordPress was for me when I started and I am still learning.

One of the key things I have grown to appreciate over the past few months especially as I have found my motivation for blogging once again, is the need to be more organised.

I would say I normally had one basic pattern to how I wrote. I would write what inspired my thoughts that morning. I literally would have a thought or an idea and it would flow from my mind to my tablet. I would then review and do my grammatical amendments or changes. Categorise, add my tags, hit Preview to see it as a reader. Make any additional changes I spotted from that, and then hit Publish.

But now that I write for more than one Blog (Three) I find that way of working less sustainable, hence a need to become more organised,

PROMPTS – These are the catalysts to your thoughts and posts. Without the thing that inspires you, you have nothing to write. So you need to capture your Prompts. It’s good to connect to challenges you may have come across or simply search challenges in your reader. There are loads to discover that are up and running out there! Join in with your own posts and connect in The WordPress Blogshere. I have listed a few links below:-

Photography – Lens Artist Challenge

Three Things Challenge

EIF Poetry Challenge #13 Villanelle

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Prompt

Jus Jo Jan Daily Prompt 2021

These would become part of your Readers Library once you have connected and you will see their posts as they are posted each week. The key here is not just to join in with your posts but also to read what others have written, and interact. Comment, Like, follow and reblog. This will help to share your voice in an extremely large pond.

NB// One thing I have seen on some newbie blogs is sometimes there is no ‘Like Button.’ Please make sure these have been selected as part of how you set up your blog.

This area is found in Settings🔸️Sharing🔸️Publicise

There you can select the platforms through which your posts can be shared and you can also turn on your comment, like and reblog buttons. Then save before exiting.

Prompts can come from anywhere. Don’t limit yourself to inspiration. Photos, social media, books, TV, conversations, children, a walk, the garden, basically life and all its contents can inspire. As long as it fits in with the main essence or theme of your blog😊 Just make sure you capture the idea in your phone or in a note book. Ideas are easily forgotten or a train of thought lost.

SCHEDULING POSTS – This set up will enable you to decide when your post go out. So you can write your post in advance and then set the date and time they go out. If you are able build up posts in this area it will give you space to write posts as you will have a buffer ahead of you.

This area is found under the Settings icon on the top right hand side.

Settings🔸️Publish there you select date and time. This will change the Publish button to Schedule in Blue. This is in the new Block post set up.

TIMETABLE – This may not be something you need at first. I know alot Bloggers, Business Leads, Podcasters and Content or Social Media writers may well have Editorial Calendars. I have added a link if you want to know more about Editorial Calenders for yourself.

For me I have simply updated my diary entering timeslots for working on my Blogs in order to maintain a timely routine on my Blogs and certain posts.

Happy Blogging everyone😊

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