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Visualise Your Dreams

It’s a new season. What are you believing for yourself?

Time & Life Are The Same

Some conversations are never cheery. They are instead uncomfortable. Nevertheless, they are relevant.

How you look at things can be ftom either a positive or negative view point. The glass is half empty or half full. But there are some conversations where the benefit sits in the reality of the inevitable, the thing that can never be changed. I think this is the view of my post today.

Often times we can see time as the thing we use to measure life outside of ourselves. The clock on the wall. The time on our phones, our iPad, etc. The day of the week. The month the year.

Then, once a year we align our lives to it, (time that is), due to a significant event I.e a birthday, an anniversary, a memorial.

But like the falling sand in an hour glass, we are all allotted an unknown number of days here on earth. No one knows what that figure is for themself. Yet if you were to consider each grain of sand representing a moment of your life shifting from now – time present to time past. Actually, you realise every moment and every second of your life is valuable. Nothing about your day is invaluable and inconsequential.

It only feels unimportant because we don’t have a value or appreciation of it.

That is why I guess, anyone who has almost lost their life has such a different perspective on life and time. Why? Because they see time and their life as one in the same thing. Hence, the value is in what you are doing with your life throughout each day. Are you using your time wisely and intentionally?

If every falling grain of sand is a moment of your life that can no longer be repeated then the sand that is before you needs to fall through good decisions and choices for your life.

Life and time are both precious and valuable. Spend them well.

Don’t get caught up in pointless arguments and disagreements. Things that spiral you and your life down the wrong road. Because of other peoples agendas, poor behaviours or negativity.

This post has come out of some sad news I heard yesterday. The unexpected loss of someone. I was listening to them only last Tuesday, in a discussion group. Full of life. Articulate, intelligent. Always able to bring another angle, to make you think differently in a discussion due to the wider perspective that they bring in. Someone who did alot in their community. Yet on Thursday, two days later, they were no longer here. They had meetings to fulfil on Thursday. They were to join the discussion group the following Tuesday. Yet two days later they were no longer here.

So do all you can do for today because as the saying goes. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to us.

Until the next post. Be the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

The Beginner’s Mind


A Dream vs The DREAM

This is my 100th post and I am amazed and totally chuffed to have reached this milestone today! So to everyone blogging away, well done and to my readers and responders over the years on my blog posts thank you for your support:-)

So my post today is about ‘The Dream!’  As I watched Tyler Perry’s grand opening of his new studio built on confederate land, recognising the achievements of 12 amazing individuals who have meant a lot in their field and to him over the years. Like many I was wowed and amazed by his achievement. Was this always his dream?

Watching one of his video clips in which he encouraged viewers in 2012 to focus on one  thing as a dream and stick to it, I considered how well do I dream? Have I had one thing that I have always wanted to do?

People have dreams and aspirations all the time. But to have that one thing, that has you like “a dog with a bone” mentality, I believe is something else? The idea you cannot shake and it simply never leaves you. You know? That dream?

The analogy he used was you can water many seeds or choose to water just one seed.

That made me think. ‘What is that single seed for me?’

What am I watering?

Do I have a dream for my life or do I have ‘The Dream!’ Is it the hazzy, fluffy possibility of things I would love to do or is it that sharp clear huge solid, clear end result that just pulls you towards it relentlessly? How about you?

As a poor child in class his teacher asked the children what do you want to be when you grow up? The children responded ” I want to be a teacher, a doctor,” etc until it was his turn. Tyler responded ‘ I want to be a millionaire!’  Imagine how huge and ridiculous that statement would have seemed from a poor black child living in a poor neighbourhood? His teacher (who was also black) retorted you will never be that because you are poor and black!

There would have been no idea how this was to be achieved at the time. Details would be painstakingly worked out through the years. Through failings after failings until success finally decided to show up!

Believe success will show up!

The Dream – is an end result. The challenge is working at it and never giving up.

It’s that idea that feels hardwired into your core. Is it from childhood? I dont believe so.  Such a dream can arise at any age of life. What’s essential is what you do about it.

Dream killers come in all shapes, colour and statuses. For me the worst are those you trust such as teachers, friends and family. But, for sure know they exist and they are never shy in pouring their toxic water all over your dream. So be wise and protect what’s dear to your heart.

So this is me today. Not a huge post in words but it could be in outcome.

What is your dream? What are you watering in your life?  We are not all designed to become Moguls like Tyler Perry, but we do all have something to bring to life’s table. Are you clear on what that is for yourself, your community, your world around you?

Take time out and give it some thought today.

Be the person you want to see:-) Until the next post.




2015 – Go Get Your Blessing!

Well I have been quiet for a while, busy doing other things and simply just enjoying the holiday season with family.

I entered this year with a clear focus in mind and have started to work positively towards making things happen in my life.  I started with a clear goal and plan in mind, which I knew from November last year. It’s not a New Year Resolution but a determined effort to change what I do on a month by month basis.

Time waits for no man, and this year I am expecting great things, starting with me.  So here’s to a brand New Year and a fresh start.

One of my new changes was to start a Devotional Journal in which I write all my inspirations I receive during my prayer time with God. I came across a sermon by Dr Tayo in which he suggested dividing your prayer time into small segments of different types of prayer, as the bible says we should pray all types of prayers.  The aim is to build yourself and increase your prayer time.  Not so that it becomes a process that is rigid and inflexible but a guide enabling you to grow. So it could 5 minutes per section or 10 minutes.  It could 10 minutes in one area, 5 in another and 20 in another. It’s completely up-to-you.  These are the areas I spend time in for around an 1 hr in total each morning:-

  • Worship
  • Confession
  • Intercession
  • Petition
  • Meditation
  • Praise

For as much as I have a vision for this year I recognised that it was also important to have an effective prayer life.  I have to be able to pray effectively for myself and understand my own direction for myself. So it was important to build my prayer life equally as much as the rest of my life for 2015. It’s all about my faith this year.  Determination will get you far in this world but when you want what God has planned for you it requires you to walk in ‘Faith’ and that is a totally different ball game:-)

So I am excited for the gift of another year and look forward to new inspirations!

Enjoy the video and go get your blessing:-)

Be the change you want to be, until my next post.

Aquene7 = Peace

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