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Quote: Be You!

Being yourself and being comfortable with yourself is a peaceful place.

Do not play small

Do Not Play Small – Just Be You!

One of my favourite quotes I created on Canva. Totally love using this space.

Gloria (Aquene7)

Quotes – Confidence!

It’s a great quote. Not sure who said it, but one I do agree with.

I like how you feel the shift of power from being with others to being with you. That’s ownership, taking your power back and being in control of your own mindset.

Until the next post.

Be the change you want to see.

Gloria (Aquene7)

Quote: Dream Big Dreams!

Dream Bigger!

There is a saying that says “Never stop dreaming!”

Success is rarely experienced on the first attempt. Most people have to experience  a number of failures before experiencing the joy of success. Just think about passing your driving test? (Clearly – for only those who can driveđŸ€Ł) If you passed first time ? “Fantastic!” But you know you are not the majority don’t you?😊 Most have to redo some lessons focusing on the things the failed on in order to improve before booking a further test.

Therefore, its important to keep hope alive. Never give up on your dreams. Keep actioning them. Working on them. Its the only way for them to become real and tangible, benefiting others.

Be the change you want to see. Until the next post.



Friend or Enemy?

Time to serve notice😊

Start your day right!

What are you focusing on?

I like this proverb because it says – if how you think on the inside of you is right, you remove the power of anything external being able to harm or destroy you. This is mental resilience.

So if you love you for who you are. Does it not reduced the need for the approval of others?

It is great to be appreciated, recognised and valued. But if this doesn’t happen are you worth less? Has the person of who you are deminished because of the lack of other peoples input?

Often times we give away our power by allowing the words and superficial opinion of others to be of more value than what we think and say of ourselves.

Encourage yourself.

Be the change you want to see. Until the next time.

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