A Conversation With A Younger Me

Happy New Year to you and thank you for stopping by my first post for 2020!

In a Facebook Group I belong to, the following question was posted and for the first time I really considered what I would say…….🤔

“What advice would you give to your younger self today?”

Now, it’s not the first time I have either read or heard this question. However, this time I found myself seriously pondering on my answer. “What would I say?” “Where would start?” What would be my most important advice nugget out of my aquired wisdom box of life, for a pre-teenage me?

Out of all I have experienced. Weighing up what I achieved or fail to achieve, what would I say to that young girl, who was yet to know who she was?

I would say “don’t be afraid of new things and challenges little one!” “Dont reduce who you are in order to fit in or comply with others just to be a part of the in-crowd.”

Yes, ask questions. Be curious and be inquisitive to learn new things. Try new things. Be adventurous and so what if something does work out or go right first time. Try again!

Know that you are wise but also beautiful. Black and wonderfully made.

Laugh out loud and laugh often. Love your family and treasure close friends. Oh yes and “Yes! you can be anything you chose to be” just work at it and don’t give up!

What would you say to a younger you?

Be the change you want to see, until the next post😊


Being The Catalyst!

Cannot believe I started my Blog over 6 years ago and this was my first post!

I found WordPress to be a whole ‘other world,’ and still do to he honest😊 There is so much to learn about blogging and how to share your thoughts. I think I will revisit a few more of my old posts over the coming weeks😊


A Catalyst is described as ‘A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change’ (www.google.co.uk )

Being a changer or instigator of change is a pretty important and essential key to life. Everything, be it good or bad, that impacts our life starts with an idea, followed by action in order to bring about change.

Change is not always welcomed, at times misunderstood.  It is not always good news, but, one thing is true. Greatness is not born out of monotony or living life cautiously.

Those who are famous as entrepreneurs and leaders aren’t phased by change.  Instead they recognise the importance of timing, making the right decisions and moving wisely.

I like the thought of being able to bring about change but at the same time not changing yourself.  By this I mean not losing your purpose of what…

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Quote: Dream Big Dreams!

Dream Bigger!

There is a saying that says “Never stop dreaming!”

Success is rarely experienced on the first attempt. Most people have to experience  a number of failures before experiencing the joy of success. Just think about passing your driving test? (Clearly – for only those who can drive🤣) If you passed first time ? “Fantastic!” But you know you are not the majority don’t you?😊 Most have to redo some lessons focusing on the things the failed on in order to improve before booking a further test.

Therefore, its important to keep hope alive. Never give up on your dreams. Keep actioning them. Working on them. Its the only way for them to become real and tangible, benefiting others.

Be the change you want to see. Until the next post.



Friend or Enemy?

Time to serve notice😊

Start your day right!

What are you focusing on?

I like this proverb because it says – if how you think on the inside of you is right, you remove the power of anything external being able to harm or destroy you. This is mental resilience.

So if you love you for who you are. Does it not reduced the need for the approval of others?

It is great to be appreciated, recognised and valued. But if this doesn’t happen are you worth less? Has the person of who you are deminished because of the lack of other peoples input?

Often times we give away our power by allowing the words and superficial opinion of others to be of more value than what we think and say of ourselves.

Encourage yourself.

Be the change you want to see. Until the next time.

Like, comment, share😊



Poem: When The Coin Starts To Rock

Have you ever spun a coin on its edge and watched as it spun, magnificently centred, axis on perfect point, centred on its edge?

A thing of beauty as it spins in rhythm, perfect momentum….balanced.

Then as you watch the pace seems to start dipping.

The flow, wavering.

Now problems in timing, chrystalsing.

The expectation is no longer awe, but, an expectation of the reality beconning.

When is it going to fall, suddenly stop?

But before that, there is that point when the spin is no longer flowing, but instead, rocking as the weight shifts.  Seemingly  becoming heavier  to keep it up right on its edge because the pace has wavered, dropped, and now, it has stopped.

The coin now lays flat.

No indication, that just a minute ago, it was spinning, so beautifully, magnificently, on its edge!

By Gloria Cohen


Things can so easily shift from being under control, seemingly flowing nicely. Into a position, where like the coin, things in life, seemingly start rocking.

It could be your studies, family life, work, business, ministry, relationships. Anything, can hit that rocking point. Teetering, struggling to keep upright. Just like it seems the coin is having to work harder to keep going, but loosing.  So it seems as you try to pull things back, hold it together, stay in control and not allow things to fall, flat.

Is anything in your life beginning to feel like that rocking coin?

The decision at this point in time is never easy, otherwise you would more than likely have made it already. But now is the time to act instead of waiting for that inevitable fall. What is it you need to do outside of waiting?

What needs adjusting? Don’t get stuck in the rocking phase. Things can spin beautifully again. Tomorrow can always be better than today based on on decisions today.

Be the change you want to see😊 Until the next post.





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